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It’s Hoppy Hour

Wondering where to enjoy a cold HopTea beverage this evening? We are excited to announce that PreFunkBar in Nampa has brought some in. They will be more than happy to accommodate you. @PreFunkBeerBarNampa @prefunk_nampa 1214 1st St S Nampa, Idaho #hopstertea #hipster #teatime #tealover#hoptealife #farmlife #hoplife #nobadvibes #hophealth #noalcohol #hopsterbeverage #hoppycamper #differentkindofmicrobrew #farmer #farmerslife…

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Helps Relieve Tension

Almost everyone knows Hops are commonly used when brewing beer, but few know that hops are a plant rich in nutrients that are also used to make medicine. Hops are commonly used orally to relieve tension. The only tension you will get from drinking our tea is that moment when deciding what flavor to try.…

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Always Farmer Owned

In 1923 a great entrepreneur was born. But first he had to survive the harsh times of the great depression which he did by farming. By 11 years old he possessed the entrepreneur mindset to start a legacy that he and later his family would be proud of. In 1948 he had enough money saved…

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