Our Story

Since 1948, the HOPS we grow on our family farm have been adored for their nuanced bitterness along with the health benefits they bring. Usually paired with the finest brews, we found a way to include them in this tea. Our Hops are traditionally grown, farmed and steeped into the tea as the final touch to this masterpiece. Known to support immunity while relieving anxiety, HopTea is the perfect tea blend to quench your thirst or simply sip on guilt free. Either way, we hope you enjoy our family recipe! In 1923 a great entrepreneur was born. But first he had to survive the harsh times of the great depression which he did by farming. By 11 years old he possessed the entrepreneur mindset to start a legacy that he and later his family would be proud of. In 1948 he had enough money saved to start his first hop farm. While toiling in the soil from sun up to sundown he was fortunate enough to meet and later marry a lovely lady. Their love ripened like hops on a vine and soon their family bloomed. It was the beginning of a legacy that would last centuries. As my grandfather neared the age of retirement, my father proudly assumed the duties of running the hop farm. Similar to how my brothers and I took over the farm as my dad reached the age of retirement. However, the path took a slight turn as the same entrepreneur spirit that my grandfather had, inspired the creation of Hopster beverage company. It must run in the family. Enjoy the family recipe of Hop Tea!