Guess what? It's Hoppy Hour

9-Pack Bundle

An Unparalleled Fusion of Hops & Flavor

HopTea is carefully brewed using only the finest Cascade Hops (Idaho 7) then designed to delight in 3 delicious, artisan crafted flavors: Lemon Ginger, Citrus Bliss, and Peach Raspberry. At only 40 calories and no fat, it tastes delicious because we sweeten it with a touch of Organic Cane Sugar and Stevia. Sure you could grow your own hops, then painstakingly harvest them, pick the ginger, peaches and even peel the citrus to complement the bitter slow-brew, but may we suggest you pop the top and mindfully sip to your heart’s content.

Always Farmer Owned
May Help Relieve Anxiety
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Get 3 of each flavor and decide for yourself which is your favorite!

(3) Lemon Ginger
(3) Citrus Bliss
(3) Peach Raspberry